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How to Handle your Balls


Ziplock bags may not be the coolest packaging but it is the best way to store your balls — stays fresh and saves space!


Balls can last in the freezer forever…but 2 months to be safe.


Most customers prefer to refrigerate which stays fresh for two weeks. I prefer to keep them frozen & just let them thaw for a couple minutes when we're ready to eat.


No need to be gentle with your balls…they taste just as good misshapen.

These balls are indestructible.

If they get thrown around, smashed in a tight space, or too hot they are still delicious! Or just throw back in the freezer and they will taste good as new!

About julie

Hi! I'm Julie, and I created enerj Balls -nutritious, delicious & convenient snacks without the mess and stress!


As a mom of 4 young kids, I struggled to find healthy snack options while keeping up our busy schedule. I started making enerj Balls for my kids, packing them with healthy ingredients and just a touch of sweetness. Pretty soon I was making enerj Balls for family and friends, and now I'm thrilled to share them with everyone in my new business adventure!

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